Hello you ambitious, motivated MF-er. So glad you’re joining us on this Independent Study journey. As they say, if you fail to plan you plan to fail … so let’s get an exciting, challenging and life-changing plan together, shall we?

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Briefly describe your project in 5 words.
Describe the goal of your project in 200 words, specifically focusing on what you want the final product to be.
Focusing on the positive, list as many things you can envision will come from completing this project. What will you have in 5 weeks you don't have now? We find that we complete the things we NEED to complete ... Get specific about the good you're trying to create in your own life.
Is there any personal darkness you're working through, associated with the completion of this project that makes it feel extra important? What are the stakes of completing this for you? Why do you HAVE to complete this project right now?
Why are you taking Independent Study? *
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If you provide us with the name of a person you think can help hold you accountable, tell us their 1) name, 2) relationship to you, and 3) provide their email address. We will CC them to our one-on-one correspondences and keep them in the loop, allowing you to have additional feedback and to feel like you have a team behind you!
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You can share your work in progress, share the final product, or you can just talk about your process or your struggles in working on your project. Blog posts can be short (about 100 words) or more in-depth (up to 500 words), with a link to any writing or video etc. you'd like to include.
In order to help you achieve your goals, what are some resources and/or research materials which will help inspire you? Think of things that are LIKE your final project ... they can be other people's work! Anything that makes you aspire higher!
We believe you should have a piece of writing (or in some cases, applicable video content) that will help guide you along the way. This could be a self-help book, a work of fiction or poetry, this could be correspondence with a loved one, this could be a video series ... something you envision reading or watching regularly (a few times a week) during this process which you feel will help stimulate your success. (This book probably has nothing directly to do with your final goal, per se.)
What kind of encouragement suits you best? *
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Describe IN DETAIL the work you are going to present (finished OR in process) when we meet together in Week 1. It can already be completed/drafted, or you can use this week before to get started. With our meeting times so brief, we think it's best for you to have begun your project, even a little bit. It's okay if the work is rough, it helps us get things into motion. Each person will get about 12 minutes which includes feedback, so RSO recommends about 5-7 minutes of presentation and then the rest for discussion — but you can present for a solid 10 minutes if you wish!
Describe your first deadline and what you will be presenting remotely to RSO. As with class, send RSO something that he can look over in about 10-15 minutes (for writers: this is about 2 songs, 4000 words, or 8 script pages), and then provide feedback following.
Describe what you'll be presenting to the class. As always you'll have about 12 minutes to present and receive feedback.
What will you be sending RSO by email for this deadline?
You already explained above what your final goal will be. Tell us what you plan to PRESENT in class of that final goal ... if you can't present it all, what do you plan to present?