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READING: Angels in America: Millenium Approaches

Here's how it works...

  • Everyone who signs up gets to read.
  • Because there are a small number of roles and many of you, you will share a role with a group of people and will read specific scenes I will assign you.
  • You will be responsible for obtaining a copy of the script, which you can purchase (ANYWHERE), or you can find a downloadable PDF, or share, or borrow a copy. We will not be able to print copies for everyone. 
  • We think of this as a "lukewarm" reading.  Meaning, you don't have to have worked on the material, but we hope you'll familiarize yourself with your scene/scenes.

The reading will be held at RSO's house. Your "price of admission" is a treat for people to share: snack, dessert, beverage!  

The reading will take place from 6pm — 9 or 10pm (it's long).  Please be available the whole time. 

TO SIGN UP, you have two options:

#1. Sign up and say you'll read anything!  You'll be cast as we see you!

#2. If you familiarize yourself with the play you can request a specific role. 

*Please note that because the "tracks" of the characters play many roles, if you ask for The Angel, who also plays the Nurse, we may cast you as the Nurse, because it's the same actor.

The cast list and directions to RSO's place will come before this Monday.

Earlier Event: November 5
Later Event: November 17
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