WRITER THERAPY is designed for writers of book, music, and/or lyrics for musical theatre.  Writers present work once a week over five weeks, and receive feedback from composer-librettist Ryan Scott Oliver and weekly guest teachers-- ll themselves award-winning musical theatre creatives.

The class is ideal for almost any theatre writer, including experienced writers who are looking to develop small selections of work (songs and scenes), as well a emerging writers who are looking to be motivated to write more, finish their work, and get it the hell out there. 

Included with enrollment is...

  • An opportunity to present work for teaching artists, RSO, and fellow students (each student receives roughly 15 minutes each) once a week for five weeks, master class style
  • During weeks 4 and/or 5, students will get to work with Equity actors and a professional music director on their work, and receive feedback.
  • A business class for musical theatre writers
  • Life coaching with RSO on their careers and personal struggles affecting their work
  • Free tickets to a Broadway or Off-Broadway show

teaching artists in the upcoming session nclude…

  • ADAM GWON, composer-lyricist (Ordinary Days, Cake Off)
  • PETER DUCHAN, playwright and bookwriter (Dogfight, Breaking Upwards)
  • WILL VAN DYKE, composer-lyricist and music director at KINKY BOOTS (Magnificent Climb, Writing Kevin Taylor)
  • KIRSTEN GUENTHER, bookwriter and TV writer (Benny and Joon, Mrs. Sharp)
  • and every week, RYAN SCOTT OLIVER, composer-librettist (35mm: A Musical Exhibition, Jasper in Deadland)

The cost of one five week ession of WRITER THERAPY is $399 ($99 paid as an initial deposit, $300 due first day).

this upcoming session runs...

6:30pm - 9:30pm on Wednesday Nov. 9, Thursday Nov. 17 (skip Thanksgiving week), Wednesday Nov. 30, Wednesday Dec. 7, and Wednesday Dec. 14.

I have written a lot of material for a show (or shows) and would like to focus on that, without writing anything new or working on prompts.  Is that okay?

Yes, that’s totally okay.  We can work on existing material, but hope you are actually bringing it for development and possible rewrites, rather than just our opinions (though, we suppose that’s okay, too!).

I love to write, but I haven’t written a lot.  Is this class for me?

As long as you have at least 5 minutes of material to present on Day 1, we will give weekly prompts for writers interested in writing something new and using class to generate new work. 

I don’t like to rewrite.  Is that a problem?

Not a problem, per se, but the experienced teaching staff finds that great work isn’t written … it’s re-written.

I am not a musical theatre songwriter; my work lives more in the pop/commercial vein.  Is this class for me?

You can take the class for feedback on music and lyrics, but the expertise of the teaching staff, generally, is in musical theatre.  As long as you feel that could be of use to you, you and your guitar are welcome!  Wink!