Jan 6—17th, 2020 in New York City

for performers who are, or soon to be, #ready4newyork,
Ages 18 and over



  • ACTOR THERAPY (Lindsay Mendez and RSO’s revolutionary musical theatre workshop, working song interpretation, selecting the right “cuts” for auditions, and focusing on every actor as an individual to unlock the artist within)

  • DAILY DANCE training (focusing on Theatre Dance and Ballet)

  • ACTING techniques (Including monologue selection and study — both classic and contemporary)

  • VOICE LESSONS (technique, vocal health and general pedagogy with top NYC voice teachers)

  • ART & BIZ to get your business-mind focused and bolster your heart for the long haul

  • HEADSHOTS with renowned NYC photographer MurphyMade

  • TICKETS to two shows during the session

  • A PROFESSIONAL REEL of 3 cuts for your website

  • A final SHOWCASE for industry professionals highlighting the student’s growth during the program

  • A public PRESENTATION for friends and family

  • PLUS 5 ACTOR MASTER CLASSES with a different Broadway pro —

  • and 5 CASTING DIRECTOR CLASSES with the top Casting Directors in NYC.

But a little more about the program …


(Jan 6—17th, 2020) is a course designed for performers who are preparing to live the actor’s life in NYC. Open to ages 18 and up, this AT intensive is perfect for students currently in college, actors who have recently relocated to the NYC area (with or without college), recent college graduates, or students taking a gap year. No matter what brought you here, you’re in the BIG CITY now, so let’s get you #booked! Classes will focus on how to adjust to life as an artist in NYC, as well as how to successfully navigate that competitive audition circuit….with Lindsay and RSO as your guides!

The program runs 9AM—6PM Monday—Friday for the two weeks of the program. It includes following courses

DAILY DANCE in Ballet and Theatre Dance (daily 9a—10:30a, alternating styles)
Ready to WERK it out? Our fierce dance classes, taught by Broadway dancers and choreographers, will include a warm-up and technique training, as well as multiple combinations from Broadway shows. You KNOW you wanna kick ball change all over that.

ROLE ASSIGNMENT & SCENE STUDY (Daily 10:30a—12:30p)
This class begins with an exploration of acting techniques. Next, students will work with their faculty to explore a solo role assignment (working on a monologue/scene and solo song). Finally, students will pair up and work through one or more scenes from Broadway plays or musicals.

12:30pm—1:30pm, take a break —
or COACH your material with one of our top-rated Music Directors/Accompanists!

ACTOR THERAPY with Lindsay Mendez and RSO* (daily 1:30p—3p)
Just like a golden age standard, this class never goes out of style. Lindsay and RSO will focus on each student’s individual needs- maximizing strengths while recognizing and helping improve weaknesses. Audition technique, book building, marketing your type, and ultimately discovering yourself as an artist are all components of this amozzzzing class.  

ART & BIZ with RSO & Sierra Boggess* (daily 3p–4p)
RSO likes to focus on the business — your strategies, your types, your marketing, your finances, your time-management, and more.
Sierra wants to talk about your heart and spirit — how do we stay sane and emotionally grounded in this incredible business we call show?

MASTER CLASSES & CASTING DIRECTOR SESSIONS with Various Guests (daily 4p–5p)
All of the above and 10 master classes to boot? (How’s that for a resume builder…)  The first week will include Tony Award winning performers, directors, music directors, dancers, choreographers, writers, composers, and more — and the second week students will work with the top casting directors in New York.

We will enroll approximately 16 students, so class sizes are small to emphasize maximum attention per student.

*Instructors are subject to change.

All of the above culminates in a SHOWCASE FOR INDUSTRY PROS (which may include agents, casting directors, and college admissions faculty) on the final day of each session, with students performing material they’ve been working on, curated by their instructors.

SO, to RECAP- everything you get with your tuition INCLUDES:

  • A 30-minute HEADSHOT session by acclaimed New York Headshot Studio MurphyMade at their official studio. Students will receive one retouched digital photo file, with more retouching options available at a separate cost.

  • Two half-hour VOICE LESSONS right after class with some of the top voice teachers in New York City

  • FREE TICKETS TO TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS in NYC sponsored by the friends of Actor Therapy

  • A filming session for your REEL. Students film 3 song cuts, and receive raw footage for their websites/social media/submissions!



While Actor Therapy is unable to provide housing to students during their time in NYC, we do work directly with a student housing coordinator who will be able to assist you with your housing needs. Student Housing Associates helps students find safe dorm housing close to our campus in midtown Manhattan. Dorms are occupied by dancers, actors, singers and other artists here to study and take class in the city. To inquire about this housing option,  please contact us here.  

Additionally, students are allowed to live a commutable distance (i.e., Connecticut or New Jersey), as long as they appear on time to class every day.

My stay at the Dancer Dorms on 44th St. and 9th Ave. was an absolute blast! The renting process was simple and the location was great! Living in Hell’s Kitchen as someone who had never stayed in New York alone before was comforting because I was surrounded by people and resources at all times. Restaurants, coffee shops, and theatres were all a few minutes walk away, and getting to class was a breeze. I got the NYC experience and always felt safe!
— Payton H. (College Prep)


The regular cost for our ten-day, two-week program is $3299.00 USD, which includes everything listed above. All students will be automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship (up to 25% off) and notified on the timeline indicated.

To enroll, students must submit the requirements listed below to submit@actortherapynyc.com during any one of the three Audition Windows below, with the following materials:

  1. YOUR BASIC INFORMATION. 1) The Intensive you are submitting for. 2) The submitting student’s full name. — 3) Student’s age. — 4) Student’s gender (male/female/non-binary) — 5) Where the student will be coming from if they are admitted. — 6) The name AND email address of parent or guardian who will be the contact for the student re: tuition and permissions. — 7) Preferred contact phone number(s).

  2. UP TO THREE VIDEO RECORDING(S) of you singing. Any quality is acceptable. All videos must be via dropbox or another DOWNLOADABLE file. Any genre is okay! Musical theatre, pop, anything. If you send more than one video recording, please try to demonstrate range or contrast. We prefer audition cuts, rather than performance clips, but will accept either. Please do not send more than three recordings.

  3. YOUR HEADSHOT AND RESUME. Any quality is acceptable. Students who do not yet have a professionally shot picture may send any photo that best represents them now. Students who do not yet have a professionally formatted resume may send an actor bio up to 200 words.

  4. ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION. All students will be considered for a merit-based scholarship. If there’s something else you’d like us to know about your current situation, include that here.

  5. OPTIONAL: Send us a video of a monologue and/or you dancing. Reels are okay. Any genre is okay!

Got all that? Great! You’re ready to submit.


Once a student receives confirmation of their admission/scholarship, they have ONE WEEK to place a non-refundable $350 deposit through a PayPal link given to admitted students by email. If the deposit is not made within one week, the students spot and/or scholarship may be forfeited.

1ST AUDITION WINDOW has now closed.

Apply OCTOBER 12—NOVEMBER 15, 2019 to secure one of our final spots. Only a few scholarships remain!

, will be the last available time to submit if there are any spaces left. Note: full enrollment will rise to $3499 during this window. Scholarships may be unavailable.


Where is the Actor Therapy Winter Intensive located?
We will be housed at Pearl Studios (500 and 519, on 8th Avenue between 35th and 36th streets in Manhattan), which are easily accessible by blue, red, orange and yellow subway lines, as well as numerous busses, the PATH train, NJ Transit, LIRR and Amtrak to Penn Station.  Basically … all roads lead to Pearl!  (Note: some location days may change.)

I’m more of a singer-actor than dancer, or more dancer-actor than singer … is this still the right program for me? 
As long as you have some level of experience in singing, acting and dancing, it’s totally normal to have strengths or weaknesses, and this program is perfectly designed to help students with their individual needs!

How many students will be enrolled in each program?
Roughly 16 students will be enrolled in each Program.

What is the average age range of your students?
Our intensives typically enroll students between 18–26, but we always have a few performers between 26–36.

I didn’t go to, nor do I plan to go to college for musical theatre.  Can I still take the NEW YORK OR BUST program?
Can you?  You must!  This is ideal for you … as we know a lot of very talented people who decided the college route is not for them, and it worked out pretty darn well. :)

I have a conflict with one or more days of my session.  Can I still enroll? 
We allow up to one pre-approved day of conflict. (Known conflicts must be submitted at time of application.  No conflicts are allowed on the first day of each session, or the final day of each session - which is the day of the student showcase.)

What does each student need to bring with them? 
Dance attire; any or all sheet music in use by the student; some clothing options to showcase in; headshot/resume if applicable; plus the usual “school” gear.  Students should also bring any medications that they are prescribed and take during the normal school year.  Students are also encouraged to bring water in a reusable bottle every day as workshops will be physically demanding.

What will students do for lunch during the day?
Students will have a break for lunch every day and are welcome to bring food with them or will be allowed to purchase lunch from a local business.  

Where can I find the teachers and artists leading the classes and workshops?
Scroll up on this page for more information!

How are teachers and artists selected to lead classes and workshops?
RSO and Lindsay personally select each teacher/artist based on their knowledge and skill level in their related area of expertise relating to theatre and performing arts.  

Are there any discounts? 

• If you take both sessions: 10% off combined post-scholarship tuition.
• AEA (Equity) Member: 10% off post-scholarship tuition.
• Two or more siblings taking the program: 5% off both post-scholarship tuitions.
• Previous students of Actor Therapy: contact us for your special returning rate!

After the deposit is paid, when is the balance due?
The balance for each student’s session is due one month before the starting date (Dec 6 for Winter).  If you are interested in discussing a payment plan, you can email info@actortherapynyc.com, subject: payment plan.

What if my plans change and I can no longer attend the workshop I signed up for.  What options do I have for refunds?
Both the deposit and the balance, once paid, are non-refundable.  That said, if a student must cancel their attendance between paying the deposit and paying the balance, then only the deposit is forfeited.

I have another question … How do find out more?
Email us at info@actortherapynyc.com!

*Instructors are subject to change.