• Weekly Sep 10-Oct 11, 2018
    • Classic ACTOR THERAPY will be offered Mondays 6-8p or 8-10p (w/ RSO + Kirsten Wyatt); Tuesdays 330-530p (w/ RSO + Guests); Tuesdays 6-8p (w/ Adam Chanler-Berat + Guests); Thursdays 330-530p (w/ RSO + Guests); Thursdays 6-8p (w/ Adam Chanler Berat + Peter Duchan). 
    • SCENE STUDY will be offered Tuesdays 6-8p or 8-10p w/ Kirsten Wyatt and Peter Duchan.
    • New students pay $600 (after the $99 deposit) for five weeks of class, e-life coaching, free show tickets, business class, all community events, and more. 
    • Returning students pay a discounted rate - email us for more information!
    • Weekly Oct 22-Nov 29, 2018
    • Faculty will be announced by September 1. Reserve your spot today, and choose your teachers, day and time later!
    • New students pay $600 (after the $99 deposit) for five weeks of class, e-life coaching, free show tickets, business class, all community events, and more. 
    • Returning students pay a discounted rate - email us for more information!


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If you are aiming to:

  • Focus yourself with a five week experience led by professional teachers who invest in YOU with one on one feedback.
  • Improve your confidence in how you audition.
  • Get inspired or re-inspired about musical theater and the different possibilities NYC holds for you
  • Be challenged and held accountable by teachers who will not only sort out your audition book, but help you navigate your life as an actor in this city to get the absolute most out of living and working here.

If you want to be challenged and grow, ACTOR THERAPY’s five week program is perfect for you.



What, you think coming to class each week is enough?! Well, we don’t.  Here at Actor Therapy we know that being an actor is about way more than working on that one sixteen bar cut. We’re already helping your book, let us help your soul, too! I mean, this is Actor Therapy, after all! 

Here’s how we roll outside of class:

o THE BIZ CLASS. This class, which does not count as one of your five AT classes, focuses on the different business aspects of our industry. Past topics have included “The Financially $ound Artist,” “Do More, Do Better,” “You’re An Artist, Damnit!,” “The Business of Show Business,” and more. PLUS, RSO is there to answer ALL of your big questions. Each class will focus on a different topic, but the main goal of each class is to get you thinking like a BOSS, because as RSO says, YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.

o LET’S HANG OUT. Look, we know that life as an actor is hard. REALLY hard. Sometimes, you just need to walk it out, talk it out, and maybe even cry it out. That’s why RSO likes to offer a little private one on one time. This hang might be in the form of a long walk down a city street, or perhaps over a warm cup of coffee in a quaint corner booth. No matter the setting, we want to hear about your life. Sometimes a little heart to heart with someone who’s been there makes all the difference. So tell us what’s happening in your job, how you’re getting along with your roomies, how you felt about that last audition, and most importantly, what’s going on in your head! We want you to leave with your laugh a little brighter and your heart a little lighter. 

o YOU'VE GOT MAIL. We get it. Your book’s a mess and you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in! Lindsay and RSO will stay in touch with you as you navigate new songs, work on that specificity and figure out who YOU are as an artist. Are you looking to add more golden age to your book? Lindsay and RSO can help you find that perfect Cole Porter or R&H tune. Cannot find the right pop song to save your life? Have no fear, they are here to expose you to Robyn, TLC, Bruno Mars, or Elvis. No matter you're struggle, we've got your back. Don't get us wrong, you gotta put in the work, but if you do- we will, too!

o SHOW TIX. In the hustle of trying to make it to that audition, get to your day job on time, call your mom and feed your dog, it can be easy to forget why we became actors. This is why we do our best to obtain free or discounted tickets to currently running shows in NYC!  We want you to take a moment to sit back, relax and get re-inspired by the magic of live theater. Plus, you may find a new AT friend or discover your new dream role! 

o AT FAM BONDING TIME. Class is great, but you know what makes it even greater? Friends who love and support you through it all. That’s why we have community building events, AT style, each session. Whether we’re grabbing a drink at happy hour, hiking in the great outdoors, or belting out our favorite holiday tunes, we ALWAYS bring the fun. Because we’re more than just class, we’re an ATFam. 




Classes for NEW students are usually held Monday evenings (6pm or 8pm, usually). Final times and dates are released at the start of each session.


Have to miss a class or two within the session you want to enroll in? NO WORRIES, we have additional classes offered each session for just that situation. We’ll get you in!


RSO and/or Lindsay Mendez teach most classes within every session. When they are not in attendance, a special guest teacher (casting director, director, actor, agent) will be in their seat!


Enrollment for new students is $699.  Pay $99 deposit; balance becomes $600, due first day.  Contact us for payment options!


For more info, click here.


Inquiries: actortherapy@gmail.com /  Financial: accounting@actortherapynyc.com