RSO says: "Getting Busy: 5 Lessons"

So, I've been really busy. 

(I mean, whatever.)

The great part about being busy is that your life, in so many ways, moves forward. You get things done, you learn more about what you're capable of, and in the best of all cases, you rise to a new level. 

But in so many ways, when we're extra busy, our inner life moves backwards. And suffering in that way can not only create stress later, but can be dangerous, if it means dipping into our addictions and losing the things which keep us sane.

So now that I'm a little less busy, here are 5 lessons I learned over the last few weeks. 

1. No-Drinking Nights Are important

I am a major believer in the health benefits of a drink or two most nights. But as the child of any alcoholic will tell you, one drink regularly becomes two becomes four becomes a "regular drink" is a double. Furthermore, alcohol is intensely addictive (duhhhh), and after five straight days of frequent drinking, your body will feel strangely without it every day. 

So forcing a night or two every week (At least!!!) of no drinking is vital to break your habits and reset your body chemistry. 

Because the negative health effects of drinking too much (weight gain, poor choices, bad sleep, depression, etc.) are far worse than any health benefit. 

2. Daily Rituals are Just as Essential as I Thought

Turns out, I was right. 

I couldn't find the time for my morning rituals (which take 1-1.5 hours every morning) because I was sooooy busy. And my mood and sense of self definitely suffered. Today I returned to my kitchen-cleaning first thing, coffee, vitamins, meditation, 10 reps, cold shower, breakfast, etc., and I feel like my old self again.

3. Do Whatever You Need to Do to Get Some Sleep

Buy Zzzquil, take a melatonin, have a glass of wine, sleep with your signif-o — do whatever you need to do to get some rest every night. For me, I'd be so caffeinated and stressed from my busy day that by 11:00pm I'd be settling down, and I just wanted to relax ... until 3:00am apparently. 

The health benefits of sleep are clear to us all, I hope, so get some rest and be your best self for your busy schedule.

4. Then, Re-Strategize

Chances are, after a busy period, you're going to be a slightly different person, with a new credit or a new experience behind you. It's vital to hit the ground running again with a "Career Re-Group" which means sitting down with a journal or computer (or for me, some regular old notebook paper at Panera) and spending 1-2 hours thinking through your career, your network, your projects, and dreaming on what's next, and planning it all out. 

Tip: WHILE you're busy, best to set aside time in advance for the day you plan to be less busy, instead of trying to find the energy once you're out of it... it may be harder.

5. Know Your Damage

Lastly, whether you've gained some weight, or spent too much money, don't just throw your hands up. Check your account, get on the scale. Facing the havoc you may have wrought will help you change course faster than "hoping for the best" and "waiting to face it when you've practiced better habits."


Don't let getting busy get the best of you!


RSO and Your AT Team